Planning your trip

When planning your trip you need to choose, salmon or steelhead. This river fishes well from the middle of September, starting with the annual salmon run till early May, ending with steelhead.


Salmon Fishing

For salmon, plan your trip from the third week of September to about the third week of October.  Primarily we will be using fly fishing gear for salmon.  They are aggressive and respond well to leech and comet  type patterns. I am equipped with spinning equipment and can accommodate anyone who prefers to spin for them.



If you are planning your trip for steelhead, by the third week of October we are chasing steelhead in earnest till the end of April.  I am equipped to offer various fishing techniques for steelhead including fly fishing, spin fishing and center pinning fishing.  Most all of these techniques involve the use of an indicator or float as this give a near perfect presentation of the fly or bait.


Brown Trout

Planning your trip to fish brown trout in the Salmon River and other Lake Ontario tributaries is for the most part a fall fishery, although browns can be caught in the river most anytime salmon or steelhead are here.  If you are interested in your ‘best’ opportunities for big browns, then October thru December should be when to schedule a trip.  If your interest is in trophy browns of 10+ pounds, then planning an excursion to western New York tributaries of Lake Ontario is your best option and I would be happy to plan this trip for you.



You will need accommodations so plan your trip early. Rooms for the peak seasons go fast. Some of my clients schedule their trip a year in advance. I do not have any arrangements with local lodges or hotels, but I have listed a few for you to check out on the Lodging Page.